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We use Discord!


We use Discord!

Why do BattleBros use Discord?
We use Discord because it is easier for fellow gamers to contact each other in a centralized location. Sometimes PS4 or XBOX communication services are down and in game chat is the dog's breakfast. Discord sounds great and is easy to use. PC gamers have been using 3rd party chat tools for years.

Oh did we mention that it is FREE also!

But I am on a console!
No problem!
Discord is available on PC, Android and iOS. Download on your smartphone and place your earbuds inside your gaming headphones. It's easy and everybody does it.

Try it, you'll like it!

Need more reasons to use Discord on Console?
It is time consuming having to friend someone on console and then create a party and so on...BattleBros Discord servers offer a centralized meeting place for you to game with other BattleBros community players! Come and go as you please and game with whoever is on without all the hassles!

Download links!
PC download here
Android download here
iOS download here

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