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Welcome to BattleBros!

About Us

In short, we are a gaming community dedicated to having fun and being respectful to all gamers.

While the emphasis is on squad or team based games, we enjoy all manner of games and will be expanding titles as we go along and to reflect our community. Our current 'game du jour' is
Battlefield 1.

Feel free to discuss / suggest other games with the community.


We use Discord!

Why do BattleBros use Discord?
We use Discord because it is easier for fellow gamers to contact each other in a centralized location.

But I am on a console!
No problem! Discord is available on PC, Android and iOS. Download on your smartphone and place your earbuds inside your gaming headphones. It's easy and everybody does it.

Try it, you'll like it!

Get Discord details here!


Be nice.
Be friendly and courteous.
Have fun!

While we can't enforce the rules up top, any admins or moderators who catch community members doing the following below will of course be politely asked to leave. That pretty much goes without saying.

NO cheating.
NO foul or abusive language.
NO hacking.
NO racial or sexist comments.

Youtube Channel

Ingy and Jetman are posting videos everyday!

Why does that matter?

Our goal is to fund this community with earnings from our channel, that's why! Servers and other community ressources cost money!

Doesn't get any more simple than that!

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PS Our first server will be available in late Jan...

Facebook page

Use our Facebook page to connect with peeps!

Like and follow our page, it helps to build our community!

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PC PS4 Xbox Platforms

For now, BattleBros founders Ingy and Jetman are on the PS4 platform.

Don't let that stop you!

We are a community and not a clan tied to a platform or a rigid set of rules. Invite your friends and fellow gamers to be apart of the BattleBros community!

Use our Discord Server and post on our Facebook page to meet new gamers!

Ingy and Jetman will be playing on XBOX and PC in the coming months!